quintus decimus

Precise Measurement, Some results, Robyn at Bayside crop Circles, Barbi at Avoca, Umpiring, Circulaire, and more


How to loose a boule in 60+ seconds, Tinkerbelle Piste, Mats Vs Circles, Thailand and where it sits, History of Boule manufacturers, Kepler packing boules, Tory telling of the Biggest. Apollo Bay Seafood, and more


Ambulance Service Medal, New Zealand New Website, Bumper Stickers, Woodend Hanging Rock New Piste (Chinka Steel), Restore Rusty Boules, The Forgotten Boule (David Shaw), Woolongong Masters (Marie -Anne Kerjean), Gerrys Facts & Figures, Paraprosdokians


Episode 011 of Petanque Points Podcas

Pop Up Petanque. Around the Traps. English Cricket. Mission Beach. Gerry’s Corner. More…..


Playing with 30 cm jacks, Boxwood Demise, What Caused the Earthquake, Struggling with Rules, Ultimate Shoot Challenge, Talking About Talking, More


Options in Threesomes. Gerry’s Exploding Boule. David Shaw Answers. FUSION & Petanque Launceston. Dylan’s Foot Fault. Lockdown Fixes. Jenny & Heinz. and The Last of the Sins


Princely Petanquer, Australian Extreme Piste Challenge, Bayside Bastille, Award for Bouledrome, Hickjacked & Kidnapped, NZ Dates & much more